TOMAHÄUK Ultimate Sauce Delivery System

Save space & time with the Tomahäuk Ultimate Sauce Delivery System by GrillSpec. Large ladle & included sauce cup. Mop Brush to baste large proteins. Boar Bristle brush for medium-sized proteins/thin sauces. Silicone Brush for smaller proteins/thick sauces. Stainless steel bottle opener included.

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Level Up Your Grill Game with the Tomahäuk by GrillSpec™

4 tools in 1: Silicon Brush, Boar Bristle Brush, Mop Brush, and a Ladle Spoon

Whatever you want to call it: A BBQ brush, basting brush, a unique barbecue tool, or a fancy baster- this thing deserves a spot in the arsenal of everyone who knows their way around preparing food. Save space and time with the Tomahaük Ultimate Sauce Delivery System by GrillSpec. Attach the Mop Brush to baste large proteins like full racks of ribs. You can use the attached ladle to pour sauce over the mop as you baste. Refill the ladle with your included sauce cup. Switch the Mop Brush out for a Boar Bristle brush to expertly baste medium-sized proteins with thin sauces and use the Silicone Brush for smaller proteins and thicker sauces. The included bottle opener tops it all off.


  • Large basting spoon
  • Silicone Brush
  • Natural Boar Bristle Brush
  • Cotton Mop
  • Removable handle for compact storage


  • Holds 40 oz (1 Liter) of sauce or rub
  • Large and small pour spouts
  • Liquid measurements are embossed on inside of cup
  • Handle can be held standard grip or over the fingers like a painter’s cup
  • A notched channel in the sauce cup allows the Tomahauk to rest securely in the bowl
  • Heat resistant Food grade materials Dishwasher safe

The Tomahaük Loadout Kit also includes a stainless steel bottle opener.



Additional information

Weight 30.265 oz
Dimensions 5 × 8 × 8.5 in


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